Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks, Friday


Katy Lin, of The Great Adventure, started this wonderful way to honor our husbands each week. She has a huge list of participant at her site!
This fall Lynn has had a ton of trouble with his back. I believe it all stems from tht fateful day in August when he planted 5 trees in one day! I can still recall how he had to work the ground with an pry bar to break up the hard clay soil and shale. How he had to pry the old roots loose to clear a hole large enough to accommodate the roots balls. It was grueling work! But even though his back pains him everyday, he still gets out there and works like a trojan keeping the yardwork at bay!
Photobucket He had all the leaves up on Saturday, and by Sunday the ground was covered again! That's November for you!


  1. Oh poor guy. that is what it is like around here also. He does look rather spiffy in his bright orange jacket though.

  2. aww daddy works so hard!


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