Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

I just joined the Advent Conspiracy. Maybe you'll wish to, also. Watch this:

I mean Christmas is my favorite holiday! I always want to create the tone of a homey, old fashioned Christmas for my family! What better way than to focus more on the advent and worship of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ!
Even if we cut back just a little and give more of ourselves, talents, love, we can make a huge difference in our home and community!
Click on the title to go to the AC website.

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  1. Hey Schotzy; Amen; At our house we try to instill in our grandkids that it is not about the gifts and all that goes along with Christmas. That it is all about the Birth of Our Lord, and seem to understand a little bit. Hubby and I have always picked and Angle off the tree at wal mart, we have done this since the kids were small, so they would see it is better to give then to receive.
    It was a wonderful post, have a great new week.



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