Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Iris, of Grace Alone, hosts this theme each week. Check out her site for many others who are thankful today!
Today I am reminded of how powerful and how valuable the blood of Jesus is!
Just think of it! The most valuable thing in the universe- the blood of God! God has no blood now, nor will he ever again. Only for a twinkling span of 33 years, over 2000 years ago was there any of it- all contained in His precious Son, Jesus. Why was His blood so remarkable? What is it about the blood, anyway!
Abel knew! Abraham knew! Moses knew! Only by the letting of blood was any sacrifice worthy. Offerings made to God had to be living sacrifices, blood spilled to attain the atonement for sin. When Eve disobeyed God she did so much more than just eat of forbidden fruit. She relinquished the authority over the evil one and sin entered the world. From that time on, man was condemned to be born in sin with no hope of salvation apart from the spilling the blood. No man was worthy to receive glory without the propitiation obtained from repentance and sacrifice.How horrible for those early Jews whose worship was so grisly with the slaughter and fiery burning of flesh. But then God in His wonderful plan provided the perfect once and for all sacrifice in the death, the spilling of His own Son's blood to cover the sins of all- who would
accept Him, acclaim Him as the Son of God, turn from their wicked ways, and believe.
Jesus' blood. Jesus-the perfect sacrifice, the only righteous One, who came to die for the ungodly- whose blood was and is the atonement for all the sin in the world....the sinful, revoltingly vile world- His blood is powerful enough to cover it all. His precious blood poured out on Calvary-I believe that is why to God, one day is as a 1000 years. How God must have looked down on Jesus that excruciatingly long day and watched His son suffer and die on that cross! Yet, that precious blood that poured down from His head, His hands, His feet, His side was more precious than gold.
I am thankful for the blood of JESUS that washes away my sin!


  1. Oh thank you thank that I know I am a traditional tree I can get back to my housekeeping...LOL

  2. Powerful post on that precious blood...Happy Thankful Thursday to you!


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