Friday, September 19, 2008

1000 Gifts

I wish to continue listing my many blessings!
I am thankful for:
232. the many opportunities I have had this week to study God's word in such powerful Bible studies
233. the teaching of Beth Moore and the impact she is in my life
234. the manner in which God is working out the circumstances of my life in my associations, my connections, as he is leading me into my "promised land"
235. the eyes and ears to see the "open door" of opportunity for service in his kingdom
236. the prayer group we meet with on Wednesday and the inspiration those folks are to me
237. the dear, dear friends I met last night at the Believing God study- may the Lord work mightily in the conflicted lives of those families
238. my sweet wonderful husband who is always looking for ways to please me lately- amazing!!! Right now I am savoring the delicious first brew of coffee he just brought me.
239. my parents who are hanging in there, Dear Father, bless them, alleviate their pain and strengthen them that they might have joy in living each day!!
240. the crisp chill in the air this morning! This truly is my favorite time of the year!
241.our daughter's (Amanda) Master's program at university is winding down and she and her advisers have finally determined her date to defend- for her to finally see the end of her lab work is a much desired outcome -Thank you, Lord!
Her advising professor just couldn't give her up!
242. that Amanda and Joshua will be moving to New England this winter instead of across country- much better to keep them on this coast!
243. that I was able to join the P.Buckley Moss Society- I believe the altruistic work they do and the friends i will make there will be a continuing blessing in my life.
244. prompting me to join the senior choir at church- that is such a treat to resume singing in a structured choir without the rigidity, but with all the terrific fellowship! Director Eddie blesses us- thank you, Father, for his ministry in our church!
245. that our trees Lynn planted have taken root and are prospering because of the wonderful provision of rain and wonderfully cool temperatures we've been enjoying!


  1. What wonderful blessings! Far too often, we take for granted the circumstances of life, not even realizing our heavenly Daddy has BLESSED us! :-)

  2. What a hearty list of things to be thankful for! I think filling this out on your blog will be a great asset to what you study and journal in the Believing God study! I know you'll be blessed by it!

    I love you!

  3. Gorgeous idea to think of 1000 gifts. I love Beth Moore, I just got another of her books. She is honest, truthful and funny. Her insights always enlighten me. Have a lovely weekend. Karen


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