Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20 Little Things To Treasure in Autumn


Melissa, of The Inspired Room has challenged us to create this wonderful listing of how autumn tantalizes our senses in authentic ways. I love the way melissa says it, "Autumn gives us every opportunity to live an authentic life. Yet how easy it is to miss the little things in the pursuit of a “perfect” life! An authentic life is made up of recognizing beautiful moments in an imperfect world. We must discipline ourselves to linger even for a moment on those things so they will become emblazoned in our memory like a snapshot in a tattered scrapbook. "
"Everyone is invited to take part in this, anywhere in the world!
So, take a few moments to dream up your cozy Fall inspiration. Then make your list of 20 Little Things to share with in the 20 Little Things to Treasure in Autumn post Mr. Linky or at the Blissfully Domestic forum post here.
1. The azure blue of an autumn sky
2. The hint of woodsmoke in the crispy air
3. The farewell song of the cicada
4. The morning chill that begs me to break out my jacket
5. Sleepy mornings as the predawn sun is slow to crest the horizon
6. Candlelit windows and tablescapes
7. Russets, golds, and browns gradually taking hold of the landscape
8. Early evenings and longer nights to spend around a cosy setting
9. Mountain rides reveling in the the Creator's artistry
10. Traipsing through crunchy leaves
11. Savory, spicy aromas wafting from the kitchen
12. Pumpkin pies with whipped cream on top
13. Hot mulled cider with cinnamon in large mugs
14. Memories of family picnics at Peaks of Otter
15. Hayrides, campfires, and roasting marshmallows
16. Hiking and 'stepping stones' up the Maury River on lazy Sunday afternoons
17. Caramel apples and popcorn balls
18. Corduroy, flannel, cable knit, and Lindsay tartan
19. Turning off the ac, opening up the windows, and airing out the house
20. Snuggling under downy covers


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, and I loved reading what fall means to you. Much of it is the same for me. I was sitting outside with my little dog just this afternoon, gazing up at the sky, struck with how much bluer it is this time of year when our (normally high) humidity is lower.

  2. So much to catch up on here this morning Schotzy! I am way behind on my blog reading I'm afraid! Loved your day book thoughts and your best shot as well, and I am loving all these autumn thoughts and pictures! A beautiful entry!

  3. I so enjoy the look of tartan...that picture was very pretty. But the "farewell song of the cicada" is positively poetic and so true. They said goodbye weeks ago here and I hadn't even noticed until just reading that on your list.


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