Monday, September 1, 2008

New Trees

Yes, this is definitely the summer of the trees. It all really started last year with a terrible drought that hastened the demise of several trees in our yard, culminating in the removal of at least 4 trees this summer and the loss of the huge pine in the back yard last winter when it gracefully fell right across the back yard touching nothing in its crash! Praise God! The previous post is dedicated to our last maple by the back door which has been given its death sentence by the arborist last week, so this week we have purchased and are planting a new realm of trees in our yard which is the hope for generations to come!!PhotobucketThis beautiful red maple will get a head start as we gratefully enjoy the last months of out favored old friend in the foreground as seen in the second picture
Another new tree is the Winter King Hawthorn which will make a majestic ornamental showing in every season!
And even as I type my dear husband in right outside my window planting another red maple for me to enjoy from my studio. In the background you can see the stump of the last maple we lost earlier this summer.PhotobucketPhotobucket

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  1. Oh wow, there is so much goodness to catch up with on here this morning Schotzy! I love the giving tree and I love your day book. What a fantastic looking zester! I also love that you are planting trees. I love red maples most of all! The colours in the autumn are spectacular!


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