Sunday, September 14, 2008

I changed My Header Today

I dont know it you are aware that you can take pictures using the webcam on my sidebar. I love to check in there to see what's up at my favorite Scottish icon, Eilean Donan. I love to capture twilight on the castle which is the photo I just took today. The previous shot was taken earlier in the day during very foggy conditions. Photobucket
I also love to capture stormy conditions which are usual occurences.Photobucket You can turn the camera to take other shots of the nearby villagePhotobucket and another favorite shot toward the mountains of the Isle of Skye!Photobucket


  1. Wonderful shot! I think I like the one you have used in your new header the most!

  2. Wow those are really pretty pictures. And, I never knew you could do that with a web-cam. What on earth will they think of next?


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