Thursday, September 25, 2008

Patriotic Duty

This week I am priveleged to be able to serve my country, try within the realm of my ability to uphold the Christian standards upon which this nation was founded and make my voice heard in my community!

My next initiative in my patriotic duty is to storm the gates of heaven that
1. God's will be done in this coming election
2. To humble myself before the Lord with fasting and repentance that he might hear my prayer and heal our land
3. Pray that the truth on both sides of the political arena will come to light
4. Pray that those who have let greed and corruption influence them to serve toward their own personal gain instead of what is best for this country will be brought under godly authority and be held accountable


  1. Good afternoon On Eagles Wings,
    I so agree with you! Thank you for reminding me that fasting and repentance along with our prayers is needed today! I peray for God's justice. We may never see man's justice but God's justice will always prevail. I praise Him for you and your blog.

  2. I agree with this prayer, Lord!

    Now let's storm the gates of Heaven for Sara Palin to do as well in her debate!

    I hadn't thought about fasting for this, thanks for the suggestion.



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