Friday, September 12, 2008

My Afternoon with Friends

Today I had a royal treat! I got to go to a Book and Author benefit Luncheon for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education, held at the beautiful Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.Photobucket This grand hotel is quite a historical showplace for Roanoke. Photobucket Photobucket It is always a treat to go there for one's dining pleasure.Here is the regency Room.
When I was a little girl my piano recitals were held there off the grand lobby.
Photobucket Dear friends, Gerry and Linda, have enlightened me to the wonderful P. Buckley Moss Society. This altruistic association does much to help chidren with learning disabilities.Today's luncheon was wonderful.Pat Moss, the fabulous artist, is most popular here in SW Virginia. Photobucket Her art work is seen here. She hosted this author's luncheon as part of her annual convention.I got a horrible photo. I expected she would take the podium, but she didnt and this was the only shot I got of her.
Five authors plugged their latest books. I particularly loved Logan Ward.
Photobucket His book,See You In a Hundred Years recounts the year he and his family took off from their regular life living in NY City to revert back to living in 1900 before electricity, automobiles, telephones, etc. Photobucket Now if all that wasn't just wonderful, indeed, the next thing I knew, they called my name as a door prize winner. I was awarded a beautiful Christmas ornament.The design is similar to this: Photobucket
I purchased a darling book, Katie with her Friends written my Pat's husband, Malcolm Henderson and illustrated by Pat. She graciously signed it for me to keep in my grandma hope chest!
Following the luncheon the other girls in my party were working the convention so I took advantage of the time to take a few photos.

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