Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday

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This week when when I as wondering what I had to offer that was pink, I was coming up empty-handed until I stepped into the kitchen and there it was. And I can't tell you exactly how amazed I am about this, either. You see, I have never been any good with house plants, until this one. Two years ago when we started going to our new church I was taking a ladies Bible Study and met a new friend, Colleen. Such a lovely, extremely sweet woman, on the last night of the study she brought a large box to class filled with small potted violets- she had divided her one huge violet into smaller pots. She had at least 8 maybe more. I took one hoping beyond hope I wouldnt kill it. It bloomed that summer and has continued to do so well, blooming at least 4 - 5 times since. I repotted it last spring.

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  1. Happy pink saturday. I am not good with house plants, but my pots of plants thrive on my back deck. This plant looks healthy and lovely. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen


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