Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virginia Tech Gameday Flyover

I am so excited!
Not just one!
But two!!
"Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets sponsored Flyover - VT vs. GT
The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is proud to announce that barring weather or operational factors, Navy Fighter Attack Squadron 106 from Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, VA, will conduct a military aircraft flyover with two F/A-18 Hornets during the National Anthem prior to the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game on Saturday, 13 September.
The aircraft will be flown by graduates of both universities, Marine Major Tom "Sally" Fields, a 1995 graduate of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, and Navy Lieutenant Jeff "Bobby" Latham, a 1998 graduate of Georgia Tech."

We don't have tickets to the game, although Amanda and Josh are tailgating this one, but we will be perched on a nearby ridge expectantly awaiting the exhilarating rush as these beautiful machines buzz Lane Stadium. And as usual, I'll tear up and cry!!

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  1. Beautiful header, is that a new one? The flyovers are always a show stopper. We have seen them at the Gator games several times. I like the background info you shared.

    Have a great weekend.



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