Monday, January 7, 2013

!000 Gifts (310-330)

Ann  Voskamp     @  A Holy Experience   wrote the  book   One Thousand  Gifts....   which  I  absolutely  love...    and  I share in  the   gratitude   journal   beginning  today  with 
I am so thankful 
310.  to hear the joy in my friends  voice becasue their  college team made the Orange Bowl...   this was quite a feat.
311. for my mother's voice saying,  "I love you so much though!"

312. the wondrous clouds hanging over the mountains!

313. the gorgoeus birds gathered about Colleen bird feeder...  everyone a special creation!
314. that a  delectable pot of chili on the stove when I returned home  after a long day .. Lynn is so sweet!
315.   that the clothes all folder and put away!
316.    that I had a good  report about my  dear old  big toe....  following  my   toenail  surgery.
317.  for the wonderful songs our choir will be working on for  spring... each one is a blessing!
318. the  blessing of the  wonderful gifts  Lynn gave me  for Christmas   how they  cheer up my   regular  clothes and make each d ay feel  special.
319. that I have found and inspired by the article on organizing...   
320.  for the  to do list I have borrowed from  Ann Voskamp and  how  much it is helping me   follow  my  new year  plan in  developing better habits
321.  that little by little  I can see  the rooms of my home lighten up!!!
322.   that  I am feeling  a  newfound desire in my spirit to improve my life!
323.   seeing L ynn gain new found confidence in  singing  and   other   areas of   maturity  through   his  participation in senior choir!
324.  that  Lynn is so faithfulo in working at my parent's home  painting and  fixing  problems...  it   has been a long haul..  but   there is a light at the end of  the  tunnel!
325.  for the marvelous daily devotional,  My Utmost for His Highest... wow     that is  a wonderful blessing!
326.   for the   lovely  purse I saw this morning at Cracker Barrel....  and  it was  a  lovely price and  so I  was  able to   get it....   and  bring it home in  a   lovely bag....   sweet purchase!
327.  that when I look in the fridge   the leftovers are all gone and the shelves   look   rather  bare and  inviting....   nice to  get back to  regular  food!!!
328..   that my heart  is   fun of the wonder  of  creativity...  in  storyline,   I loved the premiere of downton Abbey last night,    and music....   I  am listening to   the  soundtrack of Downton Abbey!!!!!  Beautiful   relaxing music!!
329.  When I went over to visit with mother today, she was happy,  cheerful, and funny!  Praise the Lord......   
330.  The sweet  comments on facebook  regarding  the  fun photos      from  the premiere   dressup last night.. comments from  family and f riends I hadnt heard from in  a long time!!!!

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