Saturday, January 19, 2013

Joy Dare (371-375)

I am  continuing the Joy Dare  from  A Holy Experience...
371..  Our Saturday    ended on a sweet note....we shared a canolli at Montanos and a cup of coffee!  heheheh
372.  Mom  was  in   a  good   mood  and   very  lucid today.. thank you, Lord.
373.  It is always a good feeling when    I have tidied things up  in my online  activities....
374.  I found another copy of  His Utmost for my Highest...   now   I  keep  that copy  in  my  " Secret Place"  where  I go to meet with the Lord!
375.  A sugar free  Worther's candy  hits the spot everytime!

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  1. Hi Schotzy, Thank you for visiting me. You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed your About Me. Beautiful words. Hugs...Lu


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