Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook for the New Year!


This is the first time I have written the new year on a dateline.....    I guess I will eventually get used to it.....   as I get older   this  becomes more and more painful... HAHAHAHAH!
Today is overcast  and  a bit drear...    the weather  at least suits my  feelings well....    but   I am  hopeful for the year  because  my hope AND trust is in the Lord!!!!!!!

I am thinking..goodness, it has been 6 months since my last daybook post....like many things  I have   let go of   the  pastimes  that heretofore I enjoyed so much.....   I have gotten lost in the  things of  duty and   ministrations of love  for my parents   in this last year.....  I am seeking this year  to  find   time for both  those things that must be done and   the things that   inspire and   challenge me  to   improve my  life!  

I am thankful for...  God's provision in all things  in my life....  Thanks   be to the Lord for His provision of  love   being  shed  among His children...  

From the kitchen.My dearest husband made the most lovely breakfast for us....  what  a  wonderful sweetheartI have!

I am wearing..black slacks, red  turtleneck,  and  Christmas sockS!!!

I am creating...   a mood to  actually go into the bedroom and completely  clean out 3 drawers... you know those  3 small drawers one finds at the  top row of  the dresser.   Mine are  full of  stuff I   stuffed into  them  20 years ago and never use!   Nonsensical  , truly!

I am reading...I am starting a read through the Bible in a year  this   time and  fully mean to stick to it!

I am hoping...   that  all my rsolutions  will become so much a part of me that   they will actually  define  myself....      becoming   more  of a Bible Scholar  through   daily reading of the Word and   applying the Word   to gain in personal holiness!!!!  This is my heart for the New year!

Around the house....lighten up  everywhere!

One of my favorite things....music....  it motivates, inspires me,  soothes, and  can put me to sleep....   let's have a bit now, shall we?

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Tuesday-   devotions,  meet prayer team at Colleens  and  visit/  encourage, and pray,  visit with my mother

Wednesday-  personal study time,     clear away most of   the  decorations

Thursday-  clean house  

A glimpse into my life:
I am finding  purpose and meaning,  I  am  looking for the gifts of joy from   God,   I am   chronicling  my   adventures  with God....  I am   continuing  this  wonderful  God given  prayer  initiative with my   sista's   that  we believe   will  help usher in revival in our  needy city!
Matthew 9:38
38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” 

IN other words, let us make this our theme for the new year....  pray for it...  ask....  intercede that when all people groups have been reached, then our Lord will come!!!!!!!!

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