Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Virginia is Whereever

We  were invited  to a holiday brunch in Virginia!
Lynn and I didnt   celebrate   the new year,... it just  slipped  in    like every other day,,, but   the week before  we  were   able to   share in a lovely brunch     that  blessed us,  as usual...   the host and hostess   being  so   contemplative  prior to each event to  personalize      their     table  in so many ways...
  It  might be a  special placemat  that   in some way  speaks to   the guests  life,   or  a specail napkin ring  manufactured in  a special  way.. for example,   my napkin ring might be  British-made because I am such a huge anglophile..     This  gorgeous  brunch  was  shared  last  Thursday...  and this time  it  was a  lovely gift at each setting!
 When I opened mine  it revealed   this wonderful   box of  Scottish shortbread, obvious reason! HAHAHAH
Lynn's  was a   delectable  chocolate bar in the  share of a computer... made in Germany,   where he served in the military...such gracious  and   personalized hospitality!  
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  1. Thanks so much for joining up! Sounds like a lovely day!


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