Monday, January 21, 2013

1000 Gifts (376-390) Eucharisteo Living

If you havent read it yet,   you must stop  by Ann Voskamp's site and read  her  current  post here.I  am picking  up  my  glory hunt   with  
376.  A Scripture  of joy....Deep calls unto deep, all of your waterfalls and breakers have swept over me Psalm 42:7
377.  Praise the Lord, all my soul, forget not all his benefits!  Psalm 103:2
378.  He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless. proverbs 2:7
379.  If I hadnt turned my head toward the  left  and peered out the window as the train  clackidied down the track I would have missed  God's gift of the  magnificent reflection of   His sunset on the  mirrored surface of the lake!
380.  If I hadnt dropped my pencil   and  it  had rolled under  Lynn's desk in senior year of high school,  we may never had chanced to speak.
381.  If we hadnt  gone to the  meeting    pertaining to unacompanied refugee children  we never would have met  Ginger who  led us to   Welcome House 
 and our Korean  adoption   of Amanda.
382.  You have to get up lose and personal to count the dots on a lady bug's  back..

383.  to see the  snow  melt away slowly revealing the  squirrel statue's face  peeking  out
384.  You  must gaze up and up to  enjoy the  lonesome  twinkle of  a single star in the early dusky sky
 385.  You must  gaze out and away to  envision the   silvery thin skim of ice  on the rivelet's bend
386.  You must  afar and away  back in time to remember the  warmth fo grannie's  kitchen as she baked up a strom in her wood burning stove
387.  The sweet expression of love as  Lynn  ironed  the wrinkles from my  blouse
388.  The long lost slips of paper found and smoothed  open revealing  handwritten recipes in my  grandmother's penmanship!
389.  The unfolded  crumple of   a bill  to discover that it is a $20 and not a $5.
390. The smell of dinner    wafting up the stairs 

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