Thursday, January 17, 2013

WInter Has Arrived

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Today,    winter finally  arrived....
  and I'm loving it!  I have always loved  snowy winters....
 perhaps it is   because I so longed for snow days  when I was teaching
It  starting coming down fast and furiously  around  3:30 and  it  snowed  2 inches an hour for  several hours...

I love just  watching it fall  and  pile up on  the  trees and shrubs....  so  quietly....   I  love  that   soft   silence!
 Whether at night  with the  street light's glow  or the afternoon  various hues of   white and grey
 Snow  warms the cockles of my heart... or maybe  it's the  hot  cocoa in my mug!!
  But  I love it!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Wish it would snow here again in east Texas.

  2. Your new fallen snow is pretty and your pictures are lovely. I'm not a Winter person although I live in a Winter climate this time of year. I'd rather look at it than go out in it. ;) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Your winter wonderland is gorgeous! So so dreamy!

  4. Pretty! I have to live vicariously through your photos - we barely got a dusting after FOUR days of rain.

    Btw, I'm hopping by from Thursday Favorite Things and hope you'll join my Snowflake Blog Hop fun, too.


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