Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Passion

A Delightsome Life
  Undoubtedly,  beyond my   deep passion  for  Truth and  all the  graces of God    in my life...   temporally, my passion  is   for  dinnerware...
most  recently for transferware..
I love  china and pottery that tells a story...  a story  that   delights me most is   set in  an English countryside...
   and who can  deny these wonderful  titles    of red transferware..
Churchill's English Cottage, or Johnson Brothers' Old Britain's Castles,  what about Royal Art , Staffordshire... all mixed and  matched in  various hues of red  they  set a lively and cheery table...while delighting the  imagination with  fairy tales of old!

 and then there are the blues... I did mention I love to collect and mix and match..   and what  tales  come to mind with these titles?????...
 Spode BLue Room Collection , Rural Scenes

Wedgewood, Countryside  paired with a  lovely  English floral

Royal Stafford, Old Stagecoach 
Wedgewood, Romantic England Willy Lotte's Cottage 
Wedgewood, Woodlands
Stratford, Shakespearean Art...  

Or my Wedwegeood Countryside paired with the   Woodland....  the dreams of  Merry  Olde England  can flourish  at every meal!!!!

and then there is my striking  black...
Two years ago I  found this single plate   irresistable!!!!
  For Christmas  Amanda   ordered  a set for  6  from Replacements   to be delivered... what a lovely idea!!!
Royal Stafford, The Herdsman... a perfect storyline  when Im in my sheepish mood....   and  the thrill  of it all is   I  still have the joy of   finding hidden  treasures in black    in my  jaunts around consignment and antique shops.... now you know  my passion.....


  1. Now that's a passion I can love and agree with! You never can have too much transferware! LOL! What a great collection! They are so versatile! Love your post!

  2. You have a lot of beautiful pieces. The black transferware is particularly unusual and lovely.

  3. Beautiful! Love it all. Blessings, Martha

  4. Oh my, i have the same passion. Ahhhh, makes me happy to look at them.
    Your table setting with the black transfer ware with black and white check and yellow...oh, so lovely!!!!!!
    COme and visit Lady B and me at:
    Enjoying your music too and off to look them up.
    Have a most beautiful day, Ruthie


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