Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Special Heirloom

Friday Blog Party
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  I truly enjoyed Sherry's  post today on Home Sweet Home where she shared  her favorite  teddy bear....   surely we all remember our  favorites....   but I cant  say  the one Im going to share today was one that  I hugged to my heart  every night....  but  it still holds very  precious memories  for me  for other reasons.

I'd like to introduce Louie!
Louie  recently came to live with us  as  we were  closing up  mom and dad's  home and  getting it ready to sell.
 Louie doesnt look exactly like  your typical  teddy...   he's not too fluffy, and not  too  cozy to  snuggle up to...   because he is very old....

well, not the bear, per se,   you see,   Louie was   put together  about  15 years ago  by a dear friend of the family...
who knew what a great weaver  my great grandmother, Louvenia, was  back in the 1880's and 1890's... 
that is because  she had inherited  many of the  quilts and coverlets  that were made from the   cloth  her grandmother  had   made...
Lou  had  picked the flax,  spun it into  thread,   had dyed it from  vegetation on the farm,  and  then  woven it into the cloth   with which she  made all the    clothes and  textiles  used  on  the farm...I love the intricate pattern of the weave and  the    manner in which   our friend, Margaret,  pieced Louie together and  created this  lovely  bear he  is quite  exquisite!

I'd say this   wonderful  piece of Americana  is one of my priceless heirlooms...


  1. The story behind Louie's creation is truly amazing. He is definitely a treasure!

  2. WOw! That's some story ... I'd say he is an heirloom. What a neat little treasure w/a past! Happy Pink Saturday, Jenn

  3. He's a real sweety. I still have a teddy bear that was given to me before I was born and he slept with me for many years. Teddy bears are so adorable, I love them. Happpy Pink Saturday...Lu

  4. Truly a most precious heirloom with an incredible story behind him...I just loved this post :)

  5. I so agree with your comments and very much appreciate that Louie's story does make him all the more special.... Infact id rather ahve Louie than to ahve the coverlet... I do have a couple of Louvenia's quilts and I cherish them but they're a little difficult to take care of...

  6. I heard twice this week that you have to be loved to love back. I think he could love back! So sweet! I just have a soft spot in my heart for Teddys! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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