Monday, January 28, 2013

1000 Gifts Eucharisteo (391-408)

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391.I am blessed by the luscious robin's egg blue  of my Christmas scarf and beaded necklace Lynn gave me...
392.  The glory of the blue sky against the snowy trees
393. The grace  administered through the laying on of hands  in prayer
394.  The blue of my bet friends eyes  as we   shared  such deep thoughts and concerns
395.  The grace of a quiet Spirit-led soul
395.  An early morning expression of love
396.  A noon time phone call   from my mom  who just wanted to hear my voice
397.  leftovers found in the fridge on a cold snowy evening
398.  Lynn cleaning out and sortking the utility drawer   (junk) in  the kitchen
399.  The aroma of  fresh brewed coffee every morning
400.  fresh blueberries and  sliced  strawberries  piled atop  my yogurt every morning
401.  Shared sense of appreciation  of the deeper depths of Truth  with kindred spirits
402.  The sincerity in mary's voice and the countenance on her face  that   demonstrated   Christ's   love
403.  My BF  exercising the freedom in Christ to be open to the powerful move of the Spirit
404.  The   hauntingly  beuatiful bird song  of the  white throated sparrow  in the morning
405.  to see a side  in my 94 year old dad that I  havent seen  in a long time
406.   Sweet tones of  approval  and affirmation  from  my  mom   even after   a particularly  difficult  time of      me having to   be the "grown- up" in  a few situtions....
 407.  Seeing and hearing the  magnificence  of my daughters  writing  skills   both in technical and  poetic terms
408.  The  radiant  reds  of   the setting sun last evening.

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