Saturday, January 5, 2013

Take Time ...Live the Eucharisteo Life

Ann  Voskamp     @  A Holy Experience   wrote the  book   One Thousand  Gifts....   which  I  absolutely  love...    and  I share in  the   gratitude   journal    living a life of  

  My  dear  young firend,  Rebekah,  allows me to use this wonder  sign   to express my   excitement in  Amy's Joy Dare.   If you a re  journalling along with Amy  in your  1000 Gifts..... Thanksgiving  journal....  this  Joy dare    really   jump starts  your   Glory Hunting   with  daily prompts!  The   calendars of prompts are  given on Amy's  link above...  I love how   myf reind  Bebekah involves her small children in  glory hunting during the day...  What a wonderful way to    train up your children to look for God's  blessings,  great and small, throughout   the   day... what a wonderful activity for  grandma's...  Id love to be one, btw!!!!
For example, today's prompt  is to  find God's  tender mercies and  daily treasures  in things you  are reading,   making and seeing....I   encourage and or challenge you all to live a life of eucharisteo..   daily thanksgiving  for   how God  walks  along  beside  us,  moment by moment, and the love He pours into our lives    through the millions of   momentous  treasures  we    so often miss  because of our hurried lives.... 
after all 
BUSY  means  
Being  Under  satan's yoke!

Take time and  rest in the  love and  tender meries of our Lord!

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