Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (331-350)

Ann  Voskamp     @  A Holy Experience   wrote the  book   One Thousand  Gifts....   which  I  absolutely  love...    and  I share in  the   gratitude   journal   beginning  today  with 
these thankful  responses...
331. Friday night's blessing of   14  gathered  brothers and sisters in Christ around my dining room table sharing   about their lives and  our Lord  in fellowship and prayer.

332. The surprising reflection of Lynn's arms  wrapping toward me  
333. The lovely shadow  of my  dear friends  as we gathered for luncheon at Montano's last Thursday

334.  The rosy dawn hues of early morning travel

335. A glimpse into  the life of a precious new friend and sister, Mary....
336.  The sour blast of lime zest sauce on my  delectabel  chicken  quesadilla today at Ruby Tuesday

337.  The delightfully sweet  of Lois's  homemade apricot pie Friday night!

338.  The absolutely  delicious balance of yumminess in  my chicken and veggie stirfry last night

339.  The golden glory of a January sun
340.  The soft, cozy yellow of  my cashmere-like  sweater.
341.  The soft creamery yellow  paint  with which we are painting mom's kitchen
342.  The dance of sunlight  today as the  myriad clouds  pass above
343.  The smiling countenance of my best friend as  she comes along beside me  at church!
344.  Coming  home to my  fluff lined cozy green slippers  lying  beneath the   hall tree!
345. I am grateful that  God saved my soul by the  power of Jesus'  death  and resurrection
346.  I am grateful  that His mercies toward me are new each day and  that I  am  learning  not to miss  as many  of them as I used to....
 347.  I am grateful for the  process of maturation  and  sanctification  that  comes from   the Father  through His Spirit,  and the joy that  comes from  listening to and obeying His  small still voice!

348. Considering   the startling graces of God... foremost is that  He loves us so much that  He gave His only begotten son   that we might not perish but have ever lasting life with Him in heaven
349.  Also, that  by His grace we have moment by moment  access to Him in heaven  beyond the vail.......  unlike   the   Jews  who   could only come to Him  once a year through their  priests...  

350.  That even though  sometimes  we face many trials   and hardships, yet  He  is  right there with us  the midst of trouble and we can lean on HIm     and trust Him to provide EVERYTHING we need.....   

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  1. What a beautiful table you set out... and a beautiful list of gifts as well! Joining you over at Ann's... counting together!



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