Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walk with Him

Walk with Him  at Ann Voskamp's
I am joining  with Ann Voskamp eachWednesday   to  begin to develop  better spiritual practices.
  One of my most valued  resolutions if that is what  I can call it is to  work harder on    my relationship with the Lord  through  daily Bible reading and study of His Word!
  I   have so enjoyed   Ann's blog this week and especially  her new focus for the new year   to   learn 
  IN this   she  offered up today  a wonderful  reproducible list for  getting   the things accomplished in our day..  I have printed off 16 copies  front and back to take me through the month of January...including  not only   my desire  for   Bible study  but also healthful  and  interrelationahip practices.. Today  I am clicking off even the  number of glasses of water I am drinking.... and   notating the  thank you notes I am writing....I do  find that I waste so much time....  and  I am very encouraged  with  this   framework  in which I hope to  arrnagement the hours of my day  to get    the " Definites" accomplished!  
So now I am off to clear out a drawer!   aha!   

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  1. I'm going to be asking you about these things and keeping you accountable!! :) :)

    Proud of you- making resolutions habits is hard, but I know you can do it!
    love you,


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