Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tea at Downton

Pink Saturday

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If i were invited  to Downton Abbey  for    tea,    I suspect  it would be  below stairs  and  I'd  be  supping  with  Carson  and  Mrs. Hughes!!


  1. OH you had me at Downton Abbey, that is my favorite show. You look ready for tea--enjoy the show tomorrow night.

  2. I suspect I wouldn't be invited for tea, since I've been kitchen staff for years. I've worked for a few big houses in my time. I really enjoy Downton. We are trying to catch up on our episodes. Two of my daughters are as addicted as I.

  3. Our daughter bought us season 1 and 2 for my birthday and we got hooked and caught up over Christmas just in time for the new season.... btw...
    "Free Bates!!!"

  4. I keep seeing Downton Abbey everywhere. I guess I'm going to have to check into it and see what's what!
    Cute post!
    Hope you can stop by my post - on mom's vintage swatches - I was thinking you'd been by? But maybe that was on another post in the week?
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Thanks, Jenn

  5. My sister and I enjoy tea rooms every week. We do not have this one here.

  6. Love going out for tea, but I'm not sure I'd get an invitation to a great house. Have a pretty-in-pink Saturday!

  7. HHAhahaha, when it comes to Downton tea parties... Im dreamin'.... of a much more gentile time..... ah!

  8. Adorable. I LOVE Downton too. I think it's time for tea :)

  9. Love the post, You had me at Downton as it is my favorite TV show. Love the pic:)
    Hugs Marilou


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