Monday, January 21, 2013

Blue Treasures

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy
Join The Tablescaper   for  more  Seasonal Sunday.   it seems   the  issue   for early  January is   see how  many  sales you  can find....   I have seen  some  amazing   items found   ...  Mine may not be such  fantastically low  prices,  but they a re  exactly  what I was looking for....
Our  teen women  at church a re working with the older women  to    make pillow case dresses    to be sent to the children in Africa..I stopped in The Company Store  which is  going out of business  in our locality  to  see about pillowcases,  but  found  wonderful  pillow shams  in  great  colors....   I believe  if I  take these  apart and rework them they would do just as well...  and I paid  $1.00  each  as opposed to    $15.00   each... that  was  a pretty good savings!

Then I stopped in at Stein Mart  to look  and   didnt find any   cases  but did find these   darling    reversible placemats  and  a pair of matching napkins    all for under $10.00..  I think they  will look great  with today's find...I am   so   enamored with blue transfer ware. and  imagine my   joy

  when  there  behind   some other  blue dishes I found  these!
 Four  cups and saucers  which match  the  two plates I found  last week ... Wedgewood, Countryside
pattern.... I  looked  these up at Replacements and  one saucer  and cup   sells for  $11.95..  while I got all four    for  $11.95  at  one of my  favorite consignment  shops!   Isnt that exciting!
  I was  so   thrilled  I went ahead  and got  this  wonderful find... I didnt  save anything on it..  it sells  for the same price at Replacements... $9.99 but is  so divine,   I had to get it!
Spode,  The Regency Collection, The Ruins...Such a  gorgeous plate and   it looks  so  beautiful   with my other  Spode  plates  on the wall hanger...
I  can now  switch out   my red  and blue  as  the  spirit moves me....finding these cups  are  so fabulous  because   matching  cups and saucers are  not as easy to come by!  My husband was  surprised when I returned from  my  shopping trek today....  I told him  once you have hit the jackpot there is no reason  to   keep looking....   but  I  have to add,  I rather  felt  the Lord leading me to  stop  in  this shop  today  and lead me right to  these  cups and saucers....  He does love to surprise and  give  His children   good gifts!!
\ I am also  posting on  Sally's  Blue Monday.


  1. Well Schotzy, you must be smiling. I love the china, and it's a thumbs up on your wall.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. You had a very good day on your outing.

  3. I must say taht I did return home one very happy shopper!

  4. Yay, those were a good find! :-) exciting. we'll have to have a cup of tea together soon!

    love you,


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