Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fave Five

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1.  First of all, I  am  very thankful   that  Lynn's  MOHS surgery last Monday  went   well..
 All that  is  left of his  squamous  cancer on his forehead is this  3 inch incision and 18 stitches....   He definitely  told me to tell our daughter   that  it  is worth not  having to do this again   to keep wearing  sun screen!   

2. It is difficult to believe that  just  last  Tuesday  it was  70 degrees here,  and  this morning we woke up to 8 inches of snow.....I am so thankiful that  winter has arrived and hopefully  the flu "bugs'  will   disappear and  folks  will  start feeling better around here...

3.  Today  we  saw  Jesus Christ  shovelling our   walk and driveway...   our  precious  Christian  friends  arriving  and  making short  shrift of the  work...Jehovah Jireh  , the provider,   never let's down....   praise His holy name!

   I am thankful that   we had the  best leftovers  in  the fridge...    tacos from last night....  and tonight  we had  wonderful  taco salads...

5.  Just in time for  this  huge change in the  weather,   we  got the  bed linens changed...  yummy flannel sheets....   soooo cozy!!  Come on, winter,,     show us what you've got....  I love  living  in  Virginia...   our weather  is   moderate, generally, and  I love the four seasons.    Time for  tasty  soups and chowders,  hot cocoa, and   great 'reads'...   love it! 


  1. Great FFF today! Loved your post. Flannel sheets are the coziest! Love, love, love! Have a blessed week! Simply God's Girl

  2. Hi Schotzy! I enjoyed reading your fave five. Glad you are enjoying your change of weather and that you are prepared with those great looking leftovers! Blessings!

  3. We had this change of weather last weekend ! Now it's too cold (-9°)and we also have snow ! From one extreme to the other :) !

  4. Virginia sounds (and looks) SO nice! How awesome to have Christian friends that are such helpers. Those flannel sheets sound inviting, too...

    Have a great week.

  5. Cozy weather sounds lovely! We've got the high 70s today - most unwinterly weather, to be sure. Glad Lynn's surgery is done and over with. How lovely to have people come help.

  6. How wonderful that you had someone come and be the hands of Jesus by shoveling your snow! What great friends!

    Here is the midwest we had a warm day and then "ice pellets". Weather is so unpredictable anymore ...

    Hope your hubby heals well and quickly and that you both enjoy cozy days with hot chocolate and great reads.

  7. A speedy recovery to your hubby! Yay for friends with shovels willing to share their energy! That is a blessing. Enjoy your wintery weather by staying warm and cozy.

  8. It's good to hear that your husband's surgery went well, and that others shoveled for you. I have flannel sheets on the guest bed, but my husband has been resisting them in the master bedroom. I think they would be very cozy.

  9. I must say this time of year flannel sheets make all the difference... But I must admit I dont use flannel pillow cases because I dont like the tickle of the flan nel around my face... and even though I can be hot natured, I never wake up too warm in flannel sheets.

  10. So glad the surgery was successful!

    Winter is such a cosy time and flannel sheets are lovely to snuggle under!

    Your leftovers photo is making me hungry :)

    Happy Monday!

  11. What a quick change of weather--glad you had people who served you by shoveling your walks for you. And I agree--flannel sheets!

  12. The realization of the love of Christ through the ministrations of friends really does convict you of the importance of serving others!!!!


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