Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

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1.   Even though  I dont teach anymore, there is  something special about a  School's Out because of Snow day...  I   was   thankful  because  my good friend Lynne  got the day off....   she needed   a rest...  and a  day to revel in our   memories of  last night's prayer meeting!

2.  I was  very thankful for good left overs  from   this week....  left over     corned beef, potatoes and carrots and onions  plus   left over beef stew... add those together....  add in  a can of  petite  cubed tomatoes, and a can of corn with a dash of thyme and salt, simmer an hour,   and  whallah!  
a delicious   pot of  vegetable soup for a   very  c0ld day!!!!

3.  I am  extremely blessed   and  happy  that  Lynn is  all recouperated from his     surgery  last week and   this was just enough exercise  for him  this week.

4.  I am blessed   by the discovery  of a  wonderful Bible teacher, Derek Prince....
4.  We were  very privileged to meet  the director of  that ministry, Dick Leggatt, last evening  in the home of a very fine  friend and his wife....  He actually  gave us any  and as much material that  we could carry  home with us....  I did purchase  a couple of   books of his  last week in preparation of   getting acquainted with   this  work,  but  I must say,  Derek Prince truly  was a  great expositor of  the truth in God's  Word!
5.  I am so pleased that tonight when I called my mother  she sounded more lucid and  more content....   this morning  she did not, and  it is   so  disquieting to  see  your mom  become  more debilitated  everytime  you see her...


  1. That last fave resonates with me. My mom is so far away and sometimes when I call, I hang up so worried. Then I call and she sounds great...and I breathe a sigh of relief.

    Beautiful snow pictures! My son got a snow day today, too. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  2. I'm very sorry your Mom is experiencing what she is. So nice that when you called you were able to see some good moments.

    A snow day is very rarely called around here. And it's not because we don't get snow! It just has to be absolute blizzard conditions with snow piling up to our necks before the city schools will shut down. Otherwise we just trudge along.


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