Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eucharisteo Living ( 1000 Gifts 351-370)

If you havent read it yet,   you must stop  by Ann Voskamp's site and read  her  current  post here.

IN the Bleak Midwinter....  we are certainly there now, and  it  is  wondrous....

 Just 30 minutes ago I looked out the window  and  I could tell   there was something different in the   rain...  the blessed rain  we have  been having this week... the rain we needed so badly to replenish the earth and  restore the water table... and fill the reservoirs....  
351.  a precious, life giving  gift of God
 it wasnt  15 minutes later   that   the ground  was  turning   white... 
352.    the pristine  purity  that   falls from Heaven!

Now 45 minutes later  and  the ground is completely covered... 

353.  and the flakes are  falling like so many  feathers   from a heavenly  pillow fight....
  I  have been looking forward to   snow  this  season   so much...   
354.  finally  a change in the weather and  hopefully a respite from  the germs and  the many  cases of  influenza and   colds  which  all too often have led to  folks a re  forced indoors and   the germs have a chance to die out!
I am now continuing   along with the Joy Dare    that   Ann  challenged us at the  first of the year....  you can find the  Joy Dare  calendars here...
355.  I am extremely blessed with  my family, my parents,  my wonderful husband, our   precious daughter and son-in-law, and  my  loving church family as well.
356. Each day of my life is  to the full because of the  work of the Holy SPirit.  Praise God!
357.  The love and fulfilment I experience everyday
358.  The  entrance of  3  godly and  experientially  influential  folks into our   prayer  group...  God is  awesome!  Aslan is definitely on the move!
359.  The move of the Spirit to provide  in every area of life... especially in the   varied opportunities  that  are  opening to us!
360.  The  ever  growing impact of John and Mary  in our  prayer group....  such  devotion  and   obedience to serve  is  such an encouragement!

361.  The wonders of heaven we are experiencing  as   our group  fellowships and  presses in  to the understanding  of what  a spiritual warrior  is all about!

362.  The blessing of serving beside  such  kindred spirits  of God!

363.  The warm  beautifully hand -knitted scarf my friend, Joyce gave me
364.  The joy in seeing  the  benevolent offering we made last month  going  out  this month in  so many  ways to build  the kingdom from  our local  community    as far away as   Africa!
365.  The fabulous tea time  shared with Judy... the beauty and the love shared through the  setting and the prayers
366.  The opportunity to lovingly mentor  a  close friend  in an area  of  spiritual weakness...  life together in the body of  Christ!!
367.  The phone prayer I shared last evening with a friend the night before her  serious surgery today!
368. The  wonderful testimony  from our  Bible teacher on Tuesday who shared about the gentleman  at Good Will who  was   purchasing as many coats as he could afford to take to the Battered Women's Shelter.. 
369.   The easy  laughter shared with my best friend   over   trivial and serious   things....laughter  is, after all, the best medicine!
370.  The blessing of the  easy, smooth  lush music of  my friend's (David)  cd  I  just purchased...  it  feeds my soul!!!

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