Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Waiting for the Next One

Visit A Southern Daydreamer  for  more  Outdoor Wednesday.. The last time I posted   it wa s November  and  I reported  finally  all of our leaves were  gone....      in a  means of   journally our  lives, Id be remiss  if I didnt document our  first snow of  2013...the end of last week...
  It was so luscious to   look out any window and see  the  falling snow
 it fell so   fast ,   two inches an hour...

Lynn said  he'd have to take the flag down if it was going to  work so  quickly and effectively   
 but he didnt  and  now  we are looking  at  a snowy forecast  for  the end of this week too.
And, you  know what they say, 
"One snow lays around for the next one!!!"  
And it has!

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