Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frosty Morning Tea

With a  huge dip in the   temperature and snow on the way,   this morning was  crying out  for a  Frosty Morning  Tea  Breakfast for two.
 Even though  the  setting   reflected an icy morn,   with   frosty  hoary,   crystals  and   snowy fluffs   sprinkled  all about,   the  ancient  radiator  in the dining room   proved  
 Lady Earl Grey in her   lovely   blue wrapping   and her  highly  delicate   flavor  suited the occasion to a "TEA"! 
TwiningsLadyGrey low.jpg
 Served in my  latest addition,   my   Wedgewood, Countryside   china cups,,   it  was  absolutely brill!
 Delicious   homemade  cranberry   oatmeal topped with  whipped cream  is now   going to become a staple in our home....
 I   was inspired  to  create this  dainty  tasties   from my latest   Tea Time magazine...
The ones in the magazine  were  not  toasted, 
 however,  for  our   warm-us-up   breakfast,   toasting   was  essential!
 These   were served up  with  alternating   egg salad  and   hot buttered strawberry jam.
Fueled for the day, now   no telling  what  mischief we may achieve!!!

"Talk and tea is his specialty," said Giles. "He has Come along inside... We'll see if tea and buns   (toast) can make the world a better place."
-The Wind in the Willows

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  1. Hi Schotzy...I'll be there tomorrow at 8am! I wish! Love your frosty morning breakfast. Blue and white a tasty things is always a treat! Thanks for linking to Thursday Tea Things And Talk!

  2. What A LOVELY BREAKFAST for a winter day! Thanks for linking to Friends Sharing Tea.

  3. Enjoyed your blue and white breakfast! Blue and white dishes are always perfect for a winter day! Loved how even the tea bag package matched!

  4. Your breakfast looks delicious and I do love Lady Grey tea! Yum, I think I'll have oatmeal tomorrow! Linda


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