Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five Things I Love

I've been tagged!!

I was just tagged by Susan to make a list of 5 things I love. Please go by her blog to see the wonderful things that really get her going! From there you can see who tagged her and so on!

I'm tagging the following people, but everyone can participate. I'm asking that you post your list, link your post back to mine and leave me a comment so I can visit your blog. Have fun!

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Oodles and Oodles

In addition to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit,
the Bible, and my family near and far
, here are


1)I am an Anglophile. I love all things British.
I am a tea enthusiast and love to plan parties. PhotobucketPhotobucket My favorite books are Scottish historical fiction and non.Photobucket My favorite movies are those of the great English authors, Jane Austin, and the Brontes.

2)Related to my love of all things British, I also am very much into all things medieval. I love a terrific fondness for knights, the whole chivalry thing gives me goose bumps! I read everything I can about the Templars. Photobucket I find their story so fascinating and tragic. This led me to my keen interest in Scottish history and lore. I've read all of Lynn Kuland's books which are medieval time travel which I truly love! It is no small delight to me that the Armor of God is so knight-like. Due to this I have incorporated this in my living room decor.PhotobucketThe cross is reminscient of the knight's cross and the shield picture actually depicts the armor of God.Photobucket The painting on the far wall was painted by my dear art teacher. It is of a famous British landmark-Waltham Abbey. Fits right in doesn't it?Because of my family genealogy and heraldry being Blair, I have an affinity for Scottish history and geography which will be my #3 love.Photobucket

3. I love Scotland and must spend some quality time there before I pass on to glory. I have been planning a lengthy sojourn there for some time now. Aw! When my dear Lynn retires and if costs haven't completely gone out of sight, I'll make it, I pray!Photobucket Whether it is a Scottish cityPhotobucket or magnificent craggy shore Photobucket Scotland calls out to me! I am crazy about the music, the accent, the food, the rainy weather, the dreary skies!
Photobucket. Photobucket PhotobucketIf I could I'd live there in a small village in a small cottage and live a very quiet life around my aga stove and grow my own veggies and flowers! Did I mention I also love Rosamund Pilcher's stories very much! I relate!

4. I love music. I have to have music going all the time. I play the piano, although not as much now as when I was younger. Bifocals have interferred with my ability to see what I am doing!. Anyway, being able to make music has always been very important to me. So Amanda was also given the opportunity to play piano and another instrument as well.Photobucket
PhotobucketWhen she was 15 she went professional by joining a quartet playing at weddings and cultural events. Photobucket She met her future husband, Joshua, seen there beside her, and they continue to play professionally on a much grander scale today! They also,continue to make beautiful music together in life!PhotobucketAnd she has continued to take piano at college and is quite accomplished with that as well. We are so proud of them both!
Therefore you must know that I love the classics, especially violin concertos.
For example, Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
But I also love what can only be called New Age music to play around the house. Its dreamy wafting airs are quite conducive to my day-dreamy reveries. I enjoy them while I read.
Or how about this beautiful piano piece?
But my all-time favorite music is celtic music. I started listening to an online Irish station years ago, and fell in love with several artists. I love Donal Lunny!
But my favorite Celtic artist is of course, Dougie Maclean!

5) I love to paint. I didn't pick up a paint brush until I was retired 5 years ago, but it just felt right. My teacher was 87 when I started painting with her. She stopped about 3 years later, but her simple rules will always stick with me. "Paint what you see, not what you know is there. Put light where it is light, dark where it is dark." My first piece was this simple waterscape,and I painted several pieces that I then gave away, before I decided to paint Amanda. As an empty nester, it helped to relieve my anguish of the tomb I seemed to be living in.Photobucket When I feel the need to dabble in a class setting I do a Bob Ross class like one of these.PhotobucketI also love to draw. I am finding release now drawing the birds that I see in the yard in my bluebird journal. I am starting a collection of "oil" birds.Photobucket(Sorry, I am having a hard time with the sizing down of a couple of photos! Argh!!Will have to come back to that later!)


  1. I love historical Scottish Fiction as well! I am up to Cumbria in a couple of days and will only be an hour short of the scottish border. We went up to Gretna Green the last time we were up that way just to say we'd been there! I want to go to the Isle of Skye at some point, not this year though!

  2. Aw, fun clips and things!

    love you!

  3. Hi! This was a fun tag! Thanks for tagging me - you can see my picks on my blog! I can't believe how much we have in common! :) You truly are a kindred spirit! :) Hope you are having a beautiful day today!

  4. RYC: LOL, Carolyn - that's okay! Your comments were fine! Vroom, vroom! I'm already planning on bringing a camera to a classic car show in late August. Fun!

    Have you read any of Liz Curtis Higgs's Scotland-based fiction? On her website at lizcurtishiggs(dot)com, scroll down to see her books and a link to a Fodor's article.

    I always thought my great-grandmother McKenzie was native to Ireland, but someone told me they thought that, while she came to the U.S. from Ireland, her family originated in Scotland. Do you know anything about McKenzies in Scotland?

    Great post! I enjoyed it very much. Your paintings are nice. Thanks for posting your list!


  5. I somehow overlooked this tag, even though you made sure to leave me a comment on my site!! I am sorry that I am just now discovering it!
    Thank you for the lovely comment; and I enjoyed reading about "the things you love".


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