Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I will be walking early tomorrow so am posting tonight!
Many thanks to The Simple Woman for giving us this opportunity to share in this journal. For more daybooks or to join in visit Peggy.

For Today

Outside my Window...the sapling red bud tree that we have planted in the side yard is stretching ever upward. The giving rains we have experienced in the last week have given the roots of the struggling tree new vitality and strength to persevere through the midsummer heat.

I am thinking...about really trying to be obedient to the things I know I should do health-wise this week. I begin a new regimen of walking this morning! I am praying for diligence.

I am thankful for....the many blessings God has given me in my husband, my daughter, my parents, my home, my church family, my friends, and my life in Jesus Christ, without whom I would have nothing. In Him, I have everything!

From the kitchen...the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafts up the stairs into my studio to call me to meet the day with renewed vigor and hope for a great week!

I am bluebird journal to record the happenings around my new Peterson bluebird house so that I can make accurate reports to the Falcon Ridge trail monitor each week. Photobucket

I am meet my friend, Dottie, at the high school track to walk this morning.

I am wearing... my walking clothes-track walking shoes, sock, navy blue shorts and a yellow tee.

I am reading...excerpts from the new book I received for my birthday, A Garden’s Promise by Judith Couchman. Again, many thanks to Jan for giving me this book especially to take with me to the inn last week. I enjoyed such peace on the veranda as I read from this book.
From the text…”Fortunately, for us, God’s pursuit of us knows and needs no boundaries, for His ways are always good. His love is limitless, and as the Lover of our souls, the Father spares no heavenly expense to draw us to himself. Through the prophet Jeremiah, He prophesied, “ I have loved you with an everlasting love: I have drawn you with loving-kindness.(3:13) No matter who we are, or what we have done, God’s love can fashion us into spiritual beauties!” Praise the Lord!

I am hoping...for a cooler, less humid week, and plenty of showers!

I am hearing... the wonderful music from my blog which I love so much!

Around the house...we are planning some fall plantings. We definitely will plant a crepe myrtle in the front side yard to replace a tree we lost a few years ago. If the volunteer red buds we have planted around the yard’s perimeter don’t take, we will do some more replanting in the fall as well. Never too soon to start planning.

One of my favorite things...well collection of things is all things medieval. They relate stories which charm my fancy. … valiant stories of courage, chivalry, and vows of honor. I love my knight in shining armor I bought in the antique shop. I will pay him a bit of homage and clean the brass this week!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... This week is VBS at our church and I will be preparing food for the workers some days. I did not sign up to teach this year. I believe it is time to leave that to the younger women now. I am perfectly happy working in support efforts at this time.

Here is a picture I thought I'd share with you: Photobucket This is my dear friend, Jan, who is also, Amanda’s mother-in-law, whom I have spoken of on these posts. She bought me the wonderful book for my birthday, and does so many thoughtful things for everyone in the family!


  1. I'm proud of you and excited you're starting a walking routine! Sounds like a smart idea to get out and walk in the early hours while it's cool- also a better time of day to pick berries, as we have found! :)

    your dd

  2. Good for you - I admire you for starting a walking routine!

    I was a helper at VBS a few years ago (after we moved here), and then I helped with registration and input data on the computer the two years after that. This year, though, I needed to step back and let someone else do it. I did, however, bake cupcakes and cookies for snacktime.

    I enjoyed your Daybook. You're welcome to come by and see mine.


  3. I started walking last week..I will be glad to get to the point where I look forward to it.I amnot there yet..LOL!

  4. How neat about the bluebird house. Is the place you are reporting to keeping records of how many bluebirds are in the area?

    Great Daybook

  5. I need to do the health decisions too. Sigh. I am beginning to think that the fight within might actually be harder than the choices.

    You music is beautiful and very soothing. I felt my shoulders relax as I was reading. Thank you.

  6. Great daybook, I should start walking too but it's so hot here, I don't think I would make it two minutes LOL

  7. I was just checking out other's blogs who did the Simple Woman's day book!
    I really like your blog!

  8. I hope the walking went well - I used to love walking, but my health is now such that I cannot walk far without the help of a walking-stick! Makes me feel even older than I am!
    God bless ~ Chrissy

  9. I enjoyed reading your daybook.
    Your bluebird is beautiful. We have a pair in our backyard that we enjoy so much!
    Have a lovely week,
    Julie D.

  10. The bluebird watching sounds lovely. They are so pretty. I don't think we have any near here, but I like watching the cardinals a lot.

  11. Aloha Shotzy..
    Okay you just reminded me about my walking journey that I still need to take lol. I really enjoyed my visit and enjoyed reading your notebook. I just contacted peggy and hoping to start mine too.

    Blessings Lorie


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