Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Saturday

Beverly is hosting Pink Saturday. What fun it is to visit all the sites Beverly has posted who are joining in to liven up the weekend with pink!

Today I want to honor my wonderful friends, Vyto and Veronica whom we have known for nearly fifty years. She was born in Worms, Germany and she met Vyto there when he was in the service. They married and moved to the states in 1960 where she worked with my mother and they quickly became our good friends. I was 10, and she was probably 25 or less and we really enjoyed getting to know them so much. But around 10 years later they moved back to Germany to care for Veronica's mother.
Then in 1973, I was living right outside of Worms in Neuschloss, as my husband was stationed in Mannheim, and we renewed our friendship. It was wonderful to have s friend from home while we were over seas during that year- our first year of marriage. Then, in about 1978 Veronica's mom died and she closed up the home and moved back here and actually moved right down the street from where we used to live and we were neighbors.
Veronica loves beautiful things and her collections run the gambit of all the beautiful collectibles, Germany has to offer---clocks, music boxes, Hummels, as well as many, many other figurines I cannot begin to name. But she has 3 huge curios full of treasures. When she came back in 1978 she brought a treasure to me! This beautiful Dresden lady! Photobucket. She is so delicate. I sort of pride myself for keeping her safe all these years! I will always remember dear Veronica and Vyto, everytime I glance the Pink Lady's way! Just as precious as the PL is and always will be so, too, are our dear dear, friends of fifty years!!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Carolyn.

    I adore your pink lady. It can't surprise you to find out that I love Dresden. My little girl in the Pink Saturday button is Irish Dresden, but I do have a few German Dresden.

    I know you must treasure your friends.

  2. That is a beautiful pink lady! You have shared a lovely tribute to your friend.

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    take care,

  3. What a precious memory all wrapped up in the lovely ruffles of that sweet figurine. I have memories tucked into so many baubles here and there in my house or garden. When we remember the sweet in life, life is sweeter. : )

  4. What a darling, delicate looking figurine. :o)

  5. Carolyn, I hope you have had a lovely "Pink Saturday"!...I just wanted to comment on what a wonderful story you wrote of a longstanding friendship! And what a sweet little "pink" treasure to always remind you of them!...Heidi XO

  6. What a lovely figurine! I love her pink dress with the lovely green bodice, and her dainty little foot peeping out from under the dress! They are always extra special when there is a wonderful memory of special people attached to these figurines!


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