Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bluebird Monitoring

I have been busily keeping the birdbaths and feeders going this week. I hung a bluebird suet feeder from the Peterson house. I have seen much more activity around the yard today. There was a lot of interest in the bird bath just a few minutes ago. I saw a male and female cardinal, a huge dominant male robin, a couple of wrens, and drumroll, please, a male and female bluebird there all within a matter of five minutes. Everything was wonderful until a gaggle of black birds scared everyone away. What a thrill, though. I wish these were bettr pictures but each one shows a male on one side and a female on the other side of the statue bird in the center of the bath. This next photo was done by my friend, Dottie who took the picture at her Peterson house on the FR trail. This is what I am aiming for. This is my vision!!Photobucket


  1. Carolyn, what a pretty birds you hve in your garden! Pretty color too.

    Oh, I borrowed one of your features, the "leave me a message"side-bar thingy.

    Hugs from Marian/Dutchy3

  2. I think it's so great that you were able to get close enough to take that picture. It's really neat. I do need your help with the live link thing if you don't mind. And then I have to think of five people I know...

  3. i'm smiling big time because this summer my beloved and i have made making a wildlife habitat our biggest priority. we hung several seed feeders, a suet feeder, hummingbird feeders and installed a bird bath (these baths by the way are a big draw to birds). well, the bird activity has been amazing. every day we go out to our gazebo and sit watching nature show off. next spring we are planning to install a bluebird house ... can't wait. i love your pictures here and the excitement you convey.


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