Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Respite


I was visiting Debbie in CA at her site at Wisteria and Roses, which I really enjoy by the way, and she recommended to take a respite this Wednesday, to ..."loll in the garden, sit tea, do some summer reading and think lofty thoughts" With the humidity here at 95% and temps in the high 80's I just thought that sounded terrific, so I am even now determining just how to go about that. I do have Bible Study later this morning and am helping my mother host a small luncheon following that, but thereafter I am planning on just kicking back with the binoculars and do a little bird watching. I can hardly wait!
I may even be inspired enough to create a poetic line or two! If anyone wishes to join in I'll have the kettle on!

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  1. stopping by to say hello after visiting Debbie in CA. i'll skip the tea but will bring my binoculars ... an afternoon watching my best of friends ... well, that sounds heavenly. to listen to them sing is sheer poetry and i may scribble a few words along with you . . . .


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