Monday, July 7, 2008

Lovely Monday

I have such a blessed life. I really do! My husband is wonderful- so helpful and loving. My Daughter and Son-in-law are utterly amazing- talented,good looking, God loving Christians,both my parents are living and doing well now. My home is full of peace and love, and the good Lord provides for all my needs! I am so thankful. I have wonderful friends who really honor me in such amazing ways. So thoughtful and considerate, and I am encouraged every step of the way.
This morning I got to have a splendid visit by my Mother and cousin, Jane, whom I'm really just now getting to know, even though we have lived in the same city for years, sad to say, but we are making up for lost time now and I am so happy to count her as dear friend. Photobucket
Then this afternoon, I have been busy preparing goodies for tomorrow's tea!
The Chocolate cake is cooling!Photobucket. I never made one from scratch before.Photobucket The ganache is next on my list. The asparagus marinade is in the fridge!Photobucket The sandwich spreads are finished, and I've gotten all the ingredients ready for the lime salad. Alas, the madeleine pan has not turned up so it will be lemon squares in their place. I like those better anyway!

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