Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged!

Lovie over at Cotton Candy tagged me to blog about 5 things I love the most.

1. Today I am loving peace of mind! Mainly because I have my colonoscopy behind me!!! HAllelujah! When my doctor asked me if I'd ever had one I really thought that I had, but we could find nothing in my record to substantiate that, and I've been dreading it since early March when the topic first came up. Not so much the test, but the outcome had been playing on my mind because I had been experiencing some chronic trouble over some time. But YAYAYA!! Great report and now I have a huge cloud lifted off of me.

2. I love to celebrate life! Jesus says, "I have come that you may have life, and have life more abundantly". John 10:10b It is important for us to know that Jesus cares for us as a group but even more He cares for you, as an individual. And that is why we are to "celebrate life". To celebrate life is simple, take the time that you have and appreciate every moment. Therefore, as I am retired I just love the simple pleasures that God sends my way. I love bluebirding and journalling about the nature around me. I love music and I just have it playing all the time. I love time spent with friends and family. I love it when my husband walks in the door everyday and we can spend our evenings together! I can hardly wait for him to retire!


3. I love a spiritual retreat- getting away from the bustle of the everyday to a quiet, beautiful serene spot and just spend quality time with the Lord. When we go away to the lake for a weekend, and we spend the whole day just praising, praying, fasting, communing, and listening to God speak to our hearts. We try to do this at least once a year.


4.I love collecting tea cups. One thing that really bums me is that my favorite china shop is no more, at least in any of the places it used to be. I used to visit Royal Doulton shops just about everywhere we ever vacationed. Now, I cant find a shop anywhere! But I have found some lovely old pieces at consignment shops along the way!


5. I love chinese food! If we're going out to eat, I really get excited when we are heading out to Szechuan. Especially if the bar is serving. I love an assortment! Stir fried green beans, General's Chicken, gouzas, beef and broccoli, chocho chicken, chicken corn soup and with crunchies! Yummy!

So now I'd like to tag 5 folks whom I would like to know about !


Katy Lin

Hip Chick



Happy posting! Blessings! Schotzy

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