Saturday, July 26, 2008

Then Sings My Soul, Saturday

In 1970, I was a junior in college facing the most stressful time of my life thus far. I had to take a swimming class, and pass it in order to graduate. The problem: I was horrified of water over my head. A childhood prank played on me years before had created a panic response anytime I went into water deeper than 4 feet. Now I was facing a situation where I was expected to dive into 20 feet of water, float on my back for 5 minutes, then roll over and swim to the circumference of the olympic sized pool...or not graduate. I had dreaded this moment since I had enrolled at Radford College. How on earth was I to face this obstacle? I felt that I had a huge mountain before me!

But I did have simple faith....exactly what I needed. I was encouraged in that simple faith by a simple chorus that was played on a daily afternoon religious program-it replayed itself over and over in my mind. For me at that stage of my spiritual maturity it was a soothing balm to my agitated physche. Like a mantra the tune and the words reverberated in my consciousness, building up a simple faith that with Jesus, all things are possible- even learning enough swimming skill to pass that exam.I sang it on the way to class, I sang it in the locker room, I sang it as I stepped into the water, I hummed it the whole time I was jumping in and rising up to float on my back. I sang it as the minutes ticked away as I concentrated on keeping my lungs full of air for bouyancy. I hummed it the whole time I was swimming the length of the pool and as I finally was allowed to flip over on my back and do the back stroke back to the deep end, I was gleefully humming that chorus in victory!
Something good is going to happen to you,
happen to you,
This very day,
Something good is going to happen to you,
Jesus of Nazareth is passing your way.

Now I wouldnt probably choose this song to lead the saints into battle against a mighty foe, for the basic theology is flawed to say the least. Jesus, in His Word, does not promise us an easy, carefree life. In fact, he allows us to suffer trials and tests just I had to face, to see if we rely on Him in the midst of pain, suffering, and fear. But for me, a fledgling believer, I didn't need a deep theology, but a basic truth that with Jesus, I can do all things!It just took a simple faith!


  1. How cool. I love it when the words to a song carry us through a difficult situation. I too am terrified of water. Check out my Faith Lifts Post about our trip to Niagara Falls from a few weeks ago. Sometimes we learn the most when we dive right in. Blessings to you this Saturday. Glad you joined in on TSMS.

  2. What a great story. THanks for sharing. You are an excellent writer. :)

  3. Faith can and does move mountains. Wonderful Post as always! I hum hymns to myself all the time, especially when I am trying to get through some chore that I find distasteful. Somehow it makes even the worst of moments better and special.


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