Friday, July 25, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

Welcome to “Wings of Eagles” as I join in with Kelli's Show and Tell Friday.

Where does the week go! This summer is flying by! Of course, we have spent this week thinking mainly of our dear daughter and Son-in-law and their move. But then...
last night we returned from seeing them for dinner, and we checked out our small tomato patch. Oh, my! Now let me say, it is very exciting for us, because heretofore, we had too much shade to plant a real garden or even plow up a space to plant anything, but this year we decided to plant some tomatoes there by the garage. And Ta-dah!!
We're gonna have tomatoes for supper tonight!
Cucumber, Tomato, Feta Salad
This delicious low-fat salad goes well with summer barbequed food.

2 Large Cucumbers
2 Large Tomatoes (or 8 roma tomatoes)
12 Oz. Feta Cheese
Small bunch of green onions
1/4 cup white Balsamic vinegar
1 T Chopped fresh Basil
1 1/2 t Garlic Salt

Peel cucumbers and chop into small chunks
Chop tomatoes into small chunks
Chop Feta cheese into small chunks
Slice green onions
Mix above ingredients together in a large bowl. Pour vinegar over ingredients, sprinkle with basil and garlic salt. Stir all ingredients, let sit for one hour, in refrigerator, then serve chilled.
For a photo and another delicious variation of the recipe go here.The mint does add a ton of flavor!


  1. YUM! I got a late start on my tomatoes so it will be a bit before I have any. That salad sounds very good...

  2. This salad looks very appealing!

  3. That salad looks GREAT! You must be so proud to be the proud parents of some happy tomatoes! :)


  4. awesome! My garden didn't work this year, so I'm jealous.


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