Monday, July 7, 2008


My friend, Dottie, has a keen interest in bluebirding. She has actually developed a bluebird trail in her neighborhood. Nearly a dozen homes in her area now have Peterson bluebird houses and she will be monitoring the nesting weekly. Dottie so kindly has made me an "honorary" bluebird trail participant, too, even though I live several miles away. Dottie, her brother, and special "babies", Heather and Holly were just here to install my Peterson birdhouse!PhotobucketPhotobucketThere are very definite rules one must follow when erecting a bluebird house, mainly regarding protecting them from predators. I have seen bluebirds here in the yard so my chances are good to have some nesting soon. Dottie says bluebirds are about to do their third nesting for this season. She is such a great friend to be looking out for me and helping me forge ahead in this new endeavor. I pray I will be able to keep the momentum going as I develop this new interest.It is such a worthy goal to do everything in our power to grow the bluebird population.


  1. Best Wishes with your Blue Bird House. Those guys in the picture look really dedicated. Hope you have some birds real soon.

    A good friend.

  2. My sister's antique business is called Bluebird Antiques. They share your love of bluebirds and so do I.
    Best wishes with your project to attract bluebirds.



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