Monday, July 14, 2008

My Walk Monday #1

My Walk Monday

I am joining Carolyn, the Scrapping Servant in sharing about my walk with my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Life for me now as a retiree with plenty of available time on my hands has really been a learning experience. I feel I have been playing catch up in my spiritual walk because now I can go to as many ladies' Bible Studies as I can find- which I have done pretty much. But it is possible to become over saturated with 'stuff', especially when I have continued to go to my old church study as well as the myriad studies avilable at my current church. I love the teaching, but when I spread myself too thinly I realize tht I am not really digging in as I really would like, as I really do need, and I do not wish to be a top skimmer in my study. God is revealing to me this week to step back, listen and look for the open door. The door that He is opening for me now is in the area of corporate prayer at my church. There is a ladies' prayer group developing and I have been asked to a kick off luncheon to talk about this. Thrilling! Yet, could become a dynamic new and very imperative ministry for me. As I am considering and praying over this this week, I am 'seeing' how the Lord has been preparing me in my understanding of prayer through the circumstances and teaching tht I have been experiencing. I can definitely say, "Aslan is on the move!"


  1. Hello, Sweet One. I have ALWAYS struggled with "too much of a good thing." Too many "studies" render one unable to process and ponder the gems that get missed in the breaking wave of pages filled. I look forward to watching you chronicle your walk. Whenever we pause and ponder, "Is this His way?" He invariably leads you where you never imagined the path could carry you. Spread your wings and catch the Lord's updraft that you may soar effortlessly. : )

  2. That's for sharing my dear... I am glad to meet you and happy that you have so much free time that you are using for the Lord.

    I hope to get to know you better in the future.

  3. I love to feast on the scriptures and find that my life is so much better when I do. I look at the scriptures as a love story from a Heavenly Father who loves His children and wants to show them the way to come home to Him. Pretty wonderful stuff.


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