Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dad is 89

We were able to enjoy a very special occasion last evening. I just love it when Mom and Dad come over to our home, for as the sands of time continue to filter through the hourglass, their abilities to come diminish. But last night, everyone was shining bright and doing very well. Dad looked quite dapper in his birthday party clothes!Photobucket. Lynn grilled the most amazing rib eyes and strip steaks for us and the corn was delicious, too. We used to enjoy this same meal so much in the bygone days of our familylife together. Dad loved to grill out and Mom's corn from the garden was everyone's favorite. Last night the corn was a reasonable facsimile.
I thought for a minute dad was going to eat the whole thing!
Photobucket He was pleased to receive a hefty gift card for the local grocer.Photobucket I mean it is difficult go come up with a good gift for a man who has EVErything! Of course, Amanda always know exactly what to give. A beautifully framed montage of pictures taken of her with her Pop Pop all these years. Wonderful!PhotobucketPhotobucket

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  1. What a lovely day you had with your dad.
    Glad he is still around Carolyn, be happy with him.
    I am SO glad I now have a picture of my father YAY!!!

    Hugs from Marian
    PS. Fun to see my tags here, hehe. Just see them now and thought: Hé someone else with a kitty named Elvis, DUH!! Then saw it was ME YIKES :D


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