Thursday, October 23, 2008

A 1000 Gifts

Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, is a fascinating site of praise and encouragement. I got the idea for this effort from her. It really does strengthen my resolve and my love of the Lord by being much more attentive to the small blessings every day.
I am so thankful for the following:
296. the opportunity to meet with other new friends in fellowship at the pastor's home last Friday- what a blessed time that was!
297. the wonderful fun of finding the new shop and meeting a new friend from England, the provision and opportunity to purchase some wonderful treasures that we had no idea that we would buy- sometimes God just opens a door of opportunity and pours blessings on us!
298. God used me to help a friend be blessed! Glory to God!
299. my dear friend Dottie - her friendship means so much to me!
300. that my bursitis in my shoulder is just about all gone now after a pretty miserable week
301. I have 3 sub days behind me- please keep them coming, Lord!
302. the beautiful blue jays and cardinals that were cavorting in the yard yesterday- what beauty and delight they were to watch!
303. the budding relationship between Lynn and I and Myron and Janice- a new couple at church! I am so glad God brought us to this fellowship where we are making lasting friendships with like minded folk of our age. God knows our needs even before we do!!
304. The prayer group of ladies whose dedication and unity are definitely a God thing in bringing us together. Thank you Lord for Lynne, Colleen, Isabel, Lois, and Karen. Be with us Father to coordinate and administer the prayer chapel.
305. for the small still voice of God that speaks guidance and leads us throughout our days
306. for waking me at 3am now for 2 days in a row to spend some time with you, Lord! I am sorry my spirit was willing this morning, but I know I fell asleep with my prayer on my lips. But you gave me a wonderful sleep, anyway, You are so wonderful, Lord!
307. for our country that was founded on Christian principles, and the promise in your Word that you will never leave or forsake us!
308. unveiling the disception and corruption in our government and media , may your truth and judgement burn with a holy fire the chaff, thwart the enemie's grasp on the election and by your miraculous power right will overcome wrong!
309. our effectually prayers that availeth much in the heavenlies, I thank you for urging us to more prayer that christians everywhere will not stumble into the cloud of complacency and apathy that seems to a fallen over the minds of so many in this country. Keep us ever mindful to pray!
310. the wonderfully beautiful autumn days, the cooler jacket/ sweater days. I love it so much!!! Sometimes I even see angels in the heavenlies!
311. I got to see Fireproof again today! That movie is so inspiring! I love it!
312. I get to see Sarah Palin in person on Monday! I got my ticket ready to go!
313. I am so ecstatic about or Thursday evening Bible study- Beth Moore's Believing God! This is such an energizing, powerful study-appropriating our God given authority through speaking the scriptures in prayer and in defense against the enemy! Hallelujah!!
314. Had a lovely phone conversation with Amanda this morning that just blessed my heart!
315. The wonderful testimony from Linda regarding the wonderful news about her daughter and son in law. His job will be keeping him here instead of moving them to Minnesota or India. What a praise!


  1. Lovely blog - see you enjoy Scotland; have just posted on a holiday there. Every blessing.

  2. What a beautiful post!

    The picture does look like angels in the sky! How cool is that?

    Thank you for sharing!

    In His amazing grace,

  3. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart.

  4. Interesting to read and I wonder what 'sub days' means.
    Those clouds look like angels in the sky.


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