Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jan's Lesson on China

Yesterday I visited my parent's church for their senior program and luncheon- the Woodlander's group. The speaker of the day was our dear friend and Amanda's MIL Jan! You may remember that Jan and Kevin treated Amanda to an Asian tour for Joshua's college graduation a few years ago.
PhotobucketJan met Kevin years ago while she was teaching English in Taipei as a missionary. She continues to teach Chinese Bible Studies today and provides enthralling programs for schools and church functions about her experiences. Photobucket She shares fascinating artifacts and stories about the Chinese language, peoples, and her experiences. I love how she explained some of the Chinese characters. She explained the character for "love". It is actually made up of three other characters. The character for "friend", "heart", and "roof "over the the top. That is a precious meaning and connotation! PhotobucketIt was a beautiful presentation, Jan!

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