Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feast of Tabernacles

Today the Ageless Group Bible study met in a downtown city park and celebrated the feast of tabernacles with great joy. God honored us by providing the most beautiful day one can imagine!
We opened our celebration with worship, singing the ageless hymns of old, Come Thou Fount, Amazing Grace, Great is Our Faithfulness, and many others which ushered in the mighty presences and the Glory of our Lord through His Holy Spirit. We moved into a powerful season of corporate prayer lifting up our churches, our nation, our leaders, and those in our body who have illness or who need a healing touch in their families and their homes. We each had prepared a dish that symbolically represented the covering we enjoy in Jesus. A delicious chicken casserole covered in a yummy crumb topping, Piggies in a blanket, savory breads smothered in butter, pumpkin tarts covered with whipped cream, a deep dish apple pie, covered in a crusty pastry to name a few of the delicacies available. We met under a covered pavillion signifying again the total protection of the covering we enjoy because of the blood of Jesus. Our teacher, Marlene, taught us about how the Israelites returned to the Temple Mount each year and how they commemorated the feast in their makeshift booths, or tents, much like our corruptible bodies we reside in now. But one day we will be raised incorruptible into our heavenly bodies ,we, who believe, we will be transformed just like Jesus and be raised up to reside with Him in the heavenly realm. Glory!!! Until then Jesus gives us the means to make it in this temporal time- He grafted us into His Being- He is the vine and we are the branches. If we abide in Him and His word abides in us then we have the covering ,the complete indwelling of His Spirit, which will never leave us or forsake us. They waved branches at the feast, and again when Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem_ again representing the covering- the connection between the Old testament and the New! All of the feasts are commemorated today because Jesus is the fulfillment of it all. He celebrated them and so should we.
For eight days in the fall of the year, Christians everywhere pause to observe "The Feast of Tabernacles. We celebrate this festival because it is commanded of God and because we see a powerful Christian significance in the feast. For us, this is not merely a Jewish holiday, but one of the "Appointed Times of God," given to remind us every year of an important part of His plan and deepens our understanding of the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. There is so much to learn about the Saviour through the study of the feasts! And the people cried, "Hosanna!" Save Us!!


  1. It is very interesting to learn of Christian celebration of this feast.

  2. What a fantastic day! I would love to participate in such an event!

    I do like your new decor very much. It completely suits you. It's warm, rich, and inviting, just like your peronality. :-)


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