Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorite Family Foto, Friday

If it's Friday, it's time to share our favorite family foto with the folks over at Deborah' s at Pictures, Pots, and Pens. This is a great day of sharing. She has a list of folks participating this week.
This is a cute foto taken this summer when the kids came to go to dinner with us at a swanky restaurant while we were staying at the bed and breakfast. I am showing it now because dear Amanda and Joshua started dating in October eight years ago. They married in 2005.
Joshua always puts a smile on Amanda's face!


  1. What a sweet picture, an adorable young couple in love. :-)

  2. Hi!
    The look great together! Thanks for sharing! Take Care!!


  3. Your pictures are beautiful. You are right, she does have a wonderful smile on her face. Take care.

  4. That smile in the second photo says it all, doesn't it? She is just glowing!

  5. Cute pictures and Amanda knows she has a terrific guy. You can tell by her expression in the second picture.


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