Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook
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Outside my is still dark. It has dropped 8 degrees in an hour since I arose this morning to 42 degrees and windy. An Arctic air mass is coming today. My neighbor's lamppost is burning brightly to herald a new day, but the sun is lazy this morning.
I am thinking...I am very disappointed-we were so excited about going to see Sarah Palin today. I stood in line last week to get the tickets but today the news is so drear about having to go at 10am and stand in line until 3:30 and possibly continue standing until 7:30 pm when she makes her appearance to see her and continue standing throughout the event. I just cant do that. But yoiu know what- I wouldnt pt it past the media to be making this all up to keep folks away! I am so dismayed by all media these days!
I am thankful many things it is hard to pinpoint one thing this morning- I am thankful to still have both my parents and they are doing so well. They bless us so much!! I never want to take them for granted! Also, I am thankful that Amanda told me last night she had completed 60 % of her thesis which she defends on November 20. That was really good news!
From the kitchen... the aroma of savory spaghetti still lingers. But it is mixing with fresh brewed coffee!
I am wearing...a comfy yellow tee, nice well worn loden green knit pants and my green suade scuffs. I believe in comfort, not beauty! HAHA!
I am reading...Northanger Abbey. I hae sort of gotten behind, but I also need to spend time in my new Bible study workbook- Priscilla Shirer's Can We Talk? This is wonderful!!!
I am have a very profitable meeting with Pastor Chip tomorrow as our prayer team discusses plans for organizing and administering the new prayer ministry and developing the prayer chapel for the church!
I am hearing..Edgar Meyer and Yo Yo Ma! Was there ever a more well suited duo?
Around the house...I have some housework planned for this studio. It is getting out of sorts! Argh!
One of my favorite things... is writing these daybooks. I look forward to Monday to just get to write these up. They're fun!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...working on BS homework today, Bible study and then immediately come home and meet with my parents to attend their senior group and luncheon at their church- Amanda's MIL, Jan, has tomorrow's program., Bible Study Wednesday at my old church and new members class Wednesday night this should be our last night for this, Thursday night trunk or treat hot dog supper at church and Bible study- Believing God, and I believe the rest of the week is up for grabs. We will probably turn out the light downstairs and pretend we're not at home for Halloween. We dont have any kiddies anyway- The manner in which our home is situated from the street doesnt work well for kiddies and all the ones we have treated in the past have grown up. Besides, I'm not one to promote halloween.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
Amanda gave her dad a kitchen Aid coffee mill to grind our own coffee beans. I believe that is what Lynn is doing down stairs right this minute! Yum!! I can't wait!


  1. My son and his girlfriend went to see Sarah in Colorado Springs ~ and from their reports, it's well worth the wait! The excitement and energy and the thrill of seeing so many like-minded Americans may help overcome the effect of the media. (I'm with you, though, I'm sick of the media!)

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    It's nice to visualize your frosty morning. It has been just horrid here for the past four days. Sometimes, the sun will be out while it is sleeting and blowing. Strange! I always worry about the lambies, but Ian insists they are waterproof. I don't know about that, but they seem to fare okay in the foul weather. We have a few unusual things coming up in the next week and a half. I can't say what, because we are trying to surprise some people... but check my blog. I have tried to keep up with posting. And I WILL be back shortly! ~Stacey

  3. You are a very busy woman, and it sounds like you make wise use of your time spent.

    You and Lynn are going to love that new coffee grinder. Nothing smells so heavenly as freshly ground coffee, and the taste....ahhhh, what a treat!

  4. Ahh, the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans is fabulous. I enjoy reading your Daybook each week, Schotzy, and love the comments you leave when visiting mine. My sister got married in Scotland and I've got some lovely pictures to share when I get them scanned - they are from the good ole' 35mm days!

    Have a wonderful week.


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