Friday, October 10, 2008

Rejuvenation and Renewal

It is such a huge blessing to me to finally witness this transformation to our environs. During the summer we suffered such devastating drought and death of ground cover, tress and planting I blogged repeatedly about our decimated lawn and landscape. Now with the respite and cooling rains, and our endeavors to replant and replenish things are looking up, Greening Up!! You will notice our new maples and my favorite, my gorgeous hawthorn planted right outside my studio window! Lynn spread new grass seed this week, so look out for next year! My heart is singing!

Thanks to my sweet friend, Martha, from A Day in the Life, for inspiring me to attempt a slideshow. Enjoy her beautiful autumn show today! It is awesome!


  1. It all looks wonderful! I live in Georgia and we've had a horrible drought the past few years. We finally got a nice rain yesterday, but it had been about 5 weeks of no rain and everything was starting to look dried up!


  2. I am in the Birmingham Metro area and we have had a drought for several years as well. Though this year has been much better. It is heart breaking to put so much into your yard and have it dry up. I know how you feel...

  3. I am happy to hear that you have rain once again.

  4. Wonderful! Nothing brightens everything like God's abundant rain! You just can't beat it!

  5. Your home is just gorgeous, inside and out!


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