Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday and 1000 Gifts

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I have been so fortunate in my church affiliations. Previous to the church we now attend we were members of a semi Charismatic fellowship, whose delight in the Lord and strong belief in the miraculous really encouraged my faith and reliance on the Holy Spirit. Unfortuantely, there were some elements of the worship there which were not a good fit for us as a family, but I have been welcome there to continue with my care group, The Ageless Group, that meets each Wednesday for Bible teaching and fellowship. There is no way I could leave these precious folks- which is the group that celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles this week. I am so thankful for each one represented there. They have taught me so much about desiring more from and about God.
Our present church is wonderful in its leadership, the ministries they offer, its worship and the style of teaching all of which is propelling us both into a new realm of personal ministry and involvement. I am so thankful for the role it is playing in preparing Lynn for his work in the body. Praise God! Now we are working in tandem in our service to the Lord, and we both share a sense of fellowship in the body that had been lacking before!
It is always a wonderful exercise in praise and worship to recount the many blessings of God I experience each week. They include the following:
284. the time we get to spend with the Amanda and Joshua is such a rare blessing
285. the definite presence of the Holy Spirit at the Feast of Tabernacles was a tangible joy
286. the fellowship last night around the dinner table at church was precious
287. the delight in spening the morning with my mom yesterady at the F of T and seeing how well she got along was wonderful-I pray she has recuperated today!
288. being able to share with Vicki and her precious daughter, Sarah, yesterday at the FoT. Sarah is seen in the collage montage listed below! A precocious, bright, adorable dollbaby!
289. reading and being encouraged by so many blogs I have discovered lately.There is so much rich Biblical teaching found in so many wonderful blogs. I am so blessed to have found blogging! I love it!!
290. making new friends in blogland- I am thinking of Stacey, Renna, Emily, Marie, Carrie, Kelly, Hip Chick, Karen, and Carla as I type! You all bless me so much!!
291. I am ecstatic over the prayer ministry I am involved in at church. I am convinced that God put our group together- each one of us spirit-filled and seeking more from God. There is so much unity and authentic fellowship between the 7 of us!
292. our wonderful marriage is a continuing blessing after 37 years!
293. the longevity of my parents- at 85 and 89 they are such a blessing to us! may they have many more years to love us, each other and be loved! Praise God
294. the beauty of the fall tipped trees yesterday on our outing -the treetops looked to be dipped in gold and rubies. So vibrant and rich of color, it is a blessing to see the process unfold!
295. the trials of these days are an unusual blessing to us because of the rich, deep discussion around the table- people are turning to God, studying His word, sharing about the deep mysteries of his Word. He is the only answer to our present problems! He will bring His children through! Maranatha!


  1. Such beautiful heart blessings sweetie.

  2. I love this post and all that you are thankful for - especially the trying times drawing our conversations to God!

    Blessings today!
    In His amazing grace,

  3. I enjoyed reading your post - you have such a thankful heart. Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

  4. Oh, my! Your list inspires me. I must add to my 1000. I love that you shared your rejoicing in your public worship experiences. Thanks for a great post.

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