Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On My Soapbox and a Call to Prayer

IMHO, there is no doubt about it! John McCain and Sarah Palin are absolutely the first and best choice for America. I am so concerned about the left turn this nation is screaming out to take, a left turn to socialisn, a godless society, where situation ethics, or none at all rule, and there are no absolutes! I am so concerned about my children and grandchildren- what kind of Amercia are we preserving for them! Let us fall on our faces in humility before God today in prayer for this last debate that truth and justice will prevail and tht the enemy will be thwarted publicly! God has issued to the world a wake up call. He has blessed us mightily, but I am afraid that we have put our trust in the blessing our money and not in the giver- the Lord God Almighty! It is time to turn to Him, and put our trust in Him- He will not let us fall. His covering will sustain us!


  1. I'm with you 100% on this Schotzy!

  2. Thanks SO much for telling it like it is. I am so afraid for the corners this country will turn if Obamanation becomes a reality. How scary!! The things coming to my attention in the past few days have helped me to encourage others out of their apathy, and on to ACTION! Waving a McCain sign in my yard every day!! Did you see EstherMay's blog yesterday?? It's a whopper. If you didn't (or if your other readers haven't) here it is:


Your comments are a huge blessing and encouragement to me~